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07-13-2012, 04:31 PM
Sean McG
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It would be nice to know if the suggested "30+ mil" is combined with bonuses, because I just can't make sense of it if it's not.

Lets say it's not, and the proposed cap hit is around 7.5, that leads me to believe it isn't Buffalo. Darcy/his staff is pretty good at crunching the numbers and limiting the cap hit, and the three big contracts he's given out since Pegula took over (Myers, Ehrhoff, Leino) were all armed with pretty heavy signing bonuses - I believe they were $10M, $5M and $4M respectively.

If the 30+ number does include bonuses, then I could definitely see it being Buffalo. I don't know the rules around signing bonuses - whether there's a certain 'ceiling' for the bonus depending on the contracts value - but if it was something like a 4 year, 22 million dollar contract with a 10 million dollar signing bonus, that'd seem a lot more reasonable for Doan and something that both Darcy and Pegula would be willing to do.

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