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Originally Posted by milk shake View Post
Do you really think Stevens would be that effective in todays game? In todays game you need to be a Niedermayer or a Lidstrom type D to be effective. Stevens did not have the O/skating in his game like a Pronger to make it in todays game not that he tried but the days of Stevens/Hatcher type players are over for now. Although I think Ludwig would have had a spot on this Rangers teem.
You also missed his point and that is you really can not compare different time periods because the training and equipment is ever evolving. If Stevens was trained so that he was a 27yo this year then maybe he would have focused more on his skating and mobility and been the same force he was in the 90s but taking his exact game and putting him on the ice now he would not have the same impact. Same for any of those players.
PS your smoking crack about how Beukeboom was not that good back in the day. #2 and#23 that was one of the best D pairing in the 90's. Stevens Niedermayer pair was probably the best or anyone and Lidstrom.
Not only do I think Stevens would have been effective in today's game, I have zero doubt that he would be one of the top dmen around, bar none. That you would compare Stevens to Hatcher is embarrassing.

It would seem to me that crack smoking would be more in your realm for your opinion on Stevens.

Would love to hear from others here about their thoughts on how Stevens would fare today. I'm guessing that you would be overwhelmed by just how wrong you are are on this one. Edge, where are you now?

Leetch and anyone would have been a great pairing. What you fail to understand is the reason why.

The following is from a blog post trumpeting the plusses of Beuk:

"Beukeboom had little offensive upside and although he was a good skater, he certainly wasn't the swiftest guy out there. Beukeboom would often let Leetch clear the puck out of their zone as Beukeboom's lack of skills and creativity limited him to simple dumping the puck into the neutral zone.

Beukeboom also seemed to have a knack of getting caught on bad pinches from the point. If he failed to keep the puck in on a pinch attempt and the opposition squeezed the puck off the boards and behind him, Jeff would be caught out of position and lacked the speed to catch up to the ensuing odd man rush against."

Ever heard anything like that about Stevens?

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