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Originally Posted by Von Malkin View Post
He continues to fail to bring in top 6 talent for Sid every season and it is getting old.
'08 - Traded for Hossa
'09 - Traded for Kunitz
'11 - Traded for Neal

Shero has been bringing in top 6 wing talent regularly. But apparently it's his fault that Hossa chose to sign with another team, and that Sid was hurt when Neal developed into a First Team All-Star.

The Pens just seem like they can never sign any of the big name free agents when they have cap space. You always here how well the team treats players, they have a top notch facility and a contending team. There is no excuse for Ray to continuously fail at signing respectable forwards in the offseason.
First of all, the Pens signed two of the most coveted UFA defensemen of the 2010 off-season, so your original premise is flawed to begin with.

Moving can't put players in choke holds and make them come to your team. Shero offered the best deal to Hossa, but he was lured by Detroit's Cup win. Shero offered a comparable deal to Parise, but he wanted to play in his hometown.

These variables are out of a GM's control.

Should I even go into how pathetic our forward prospects are. Eric Tangradi has been our best prospect, but the dude is gonna be 24 soon. Is he still a prospect? Beau Bennett has played in like half of the games for Denver the last 2 seasons.
Power forwards take time, and it isn't our GM's fault when players get hurt.

As I said in the thread about that chooch we signed today, Shero came into a great situation. The core of the stanley cup winning team was already here. The Pens already had Crosby, Malkin, Scuderi, Letang drafted, #2 overall pick, Gogo drafted, Whitney (led to Koon, but it was Shero who signed Whitney to that awful contract), Orpik, Kennedy, Talbot, Fleury, etc etc. Shero did a very nice job at brining in complimentary players like Guerin and Gill, but that team won because of 71 and 87
Ken Holland came into a great situation in Detroit too. Does that lessen his track record?

Shero has made some fantastic trades; the Neal and Hossa deals were straight up robberies. He has made some pretty great trades, until the Michalek donation.
The Michalek donation was made to quickly clear cap space so he could take his best shot at those free agents you want so badly.

We are told that we have some great defensive prospects, but after the disappointments of Espisito, Caputi, Chris Bourque, Tangradi, etc I wont be convinced until these guys are in the NHL playing. It seems like our last true blue chip prospect to amount to anything was Letang, and hes played in over 350 games. Its been a LONG TIME. But that isnt all Shero's fault.
That's what happens when you trade several draft picks early in your tenure to make a Finals run and win a Stanley Cup.

Shero's off season signings of low risk, LOW REWARD is tiring. How many more fringe nhl players ce an you take? He has some sick obsession with 4th liner garbage. Instead of signing 10 garbage players, sign one or 2 guys who dont suck. Its great to have depth, but not if Kennedy is playing on your 2nd line.
Kennedy has never played on our 2nd line when the team has been healthy. Further, Shero changed the whole philosophy of the Pens' bottom 6 from a bunch of wannabe scorers into legitimate checkers and energy players.

You might want the likes of Tomas Surovy and Michel Ouellet in your bottom 6, but nobody who saw them does.

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