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07-13-2012, 07:57 PM
Ricky Bobby
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Originally Posted by KlattNazty View Post

Anyway, to the guy saying that the comparable between Boyle and Colborne is accurate, lets just agree to disagree.

I explained it already, look past the numbers, playing style is different. Joe can be downright dominant at times, especially when it comes to creating plays.

He has well above average vision, and has hands soft enough to make the passes needed to utilize that vision. That alone is enough to seperate him from Boyle.

EDIT: People knock his skating SO MUCH, and I still dont see why. He is not that slow, and he is clearly lacking both leg and core strength, which reduces his top speed and balance. If you cant notice that lol, then you need to watch more marlie games
Who would you compare him to?

Boyle also had good hands at the NCAA and AHL level like Colborne. Just not at the NHL level or at least consistently.

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