Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jets re-sign Paul Postma (1 year, $550k)
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07-13-2012, 08:04 PM
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I don't see how us signing Postma to a contract makes any difference on whether or not he makes the team this year.

He was an RFA and needed a contract, period. We weren't going to let him walk, so he was always going to get a contract.

As for the 1 way vs. 2 way angle, I'd imagine he's getting a 1 way due to 2 factors, if he makes the team he's not going to get sent down as he would never clear. So in that vein a 2 way contract makes no sense. Second, he might have been given a 1 way contract as a reward for his play, and as a good will gesture from the org.

As far as being sent down to St. John's, we all know he wouldn't clear, but I believe that teams can send someone down if it's X days before the end of training camp (don't remember what X is). So the Jets could still get him to St. Johns if he's sent down before that point, and he would be rewarded with the 500k. I don't believe he would be exposed if he was then brought up at some point in the season (correct me if I'm wrong), but once up, he would be staying up.


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