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Hockey goes all year-round in my adult leagues so I follow the following formula:

4 Days before a game: Jog 2 miles, then Legs (Sumo Squat, Isometric Deadlift, a Single-Leg exercise, a Lunge exercise, an Explosion exercise, a Lateral exercise, Single Leg Curls, and Back Extension....two sets of all the above with varying reps)

3 Days before a game: Elliptical 30 min (long and slow to just get blood to my legs which are still dead), then Upper Body (Bench, Pullups, Dips, Push-Pull Circuit, Uneven Pushups, Shoulder Circuit, Forearm Circuit....again two sets of each with varying reps depending on my 8 week plan)

2 Days before a game: Skate (either pickup or public skate), Run/Walk Intervals 30 min, then Core workout (weighted situps, Ab Rolls, Plank Holds, and then a ton of stability stuff with stability ball and then medicine ball). I actually do just 1 set of each exercise, but I do 14 different exercises.

1 Day before a game: Take is easy! Stickhandle in the basement, 20 easy minutes on the elliptical (again to get blood to my legs so I can feed them protein) and a short balance workout (about 10 minutes).

Game Day - Dominate

If I have 8 or more days between games I will do the above x2, if I have between 5 and 7 days between games I will skate as much as possible, and do interval training (mimmick shifts depending on how my legs/core feels).

I spent a dozen years as a football and strength coach in the deep south, so I've cooked up my own workout and borrowed a ton of ideas that work for me. If you gave me a pair of shoes and a bucket of dirt I think I could do most of the above. If you want to see a spreadsheet, PM me. Good luck!

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