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We don't have In and Out Burger in Nashville to my knowledge but Five Guys---you'll love that! As for the bars and stuff, if you go to a Preds game that's covered. It's right outside the front door. Broadway has lots of honkytonks and restaurants. I know there used to be a Hooter's down on Second Ave, but I am not sure if it's still there. If you stay outside of downtown you'll pay less for hotel, but we don't have a huge mass transit system so it may be to your benefit to stay at a downtown hotel on the west side of the river. We have buses but no constant train (there is one for commuters but it doesn't run on weekends).

It depends on your tastes as to how much you'll spend, but the offerings are pretty widespread and cover everything from hamburgers and fries to filet mignon. There is a place a few blocks west of the arena called The Flying Saucer that has about a thousand different beers and is located in the old train station--pretty interesting place to visit. If you are into the history of country music, the CM Hall of Fame is across the street from the arena. If you are interested in architecture there are all sorts of places to see, from the art deco former post office now museum to an Egyptian motif Presbyterian church downtown (only one in existence!) to the Parthenon in Centennial Park. To me, you have not seen Nashville unless you see our Parthenon--full scale model. It's stunning.

I'd say you could have a great experience for at most $500 if you're not picky about your Preds ticket and if you are lucky enough to get a good hotel rate. If not, then figure $750 and you'll still probably take home some change.

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