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Originally Posted by Von Malkin View Post

We are told that we have some great defensive prospects, but after the disappointments of Espisito, Caputi, Chris Bourque, Tangradi, etc I wont be convinced until these guys are in the NHL playing. It seems like our last true blue chip prospect to amount to anything was Letang, and hes played in over 350 games. Its been a LONG TIME. But that isnt all Shero's fault.
Bourque was not our draft pick. He was a waiver pick up (just like Adams), who considering how well he did in the AHL, who would've guessed he couldn't score a goal when Crosby basically put it on his stick with no damn goalie.

Also, Esposito & Caputi were both used in trades and since then neither one has really amounted to much of anything even away from our system.

As for the overall question, a lot of this is hindsight is 20/20. Like someone else noted when Malone first signed in TB I remember quite a few people laughing at how dumb TB was cause it was a supposedly ridiculous contract at the time. Now, people are pining for the guy when who knows if we ever really had a chance at resigning him anyway when he went to play for the team his father was working for. When we signed Michalek & Martin people, even "experts" thought those were good pick ups.

As for the drafts, power forwards & D take time. Shero has used these kids as trade baits before and could again, so it is too soon to tell how those will work out themselves.

Also, he's not the only GM who picked up a good core at the door.

Overall, I'd say like some others good-great, but not a God. When I hear a team has traded their captain and signed a goalie for 10 yrs with a NMC, I don't have to worry it was Shero, which makes me happy.

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