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Chicago Blaze

Steve Thomas-Billy Taylor (A)-Ray Sheppard
Cory Stillman -Erich Kuhnhackl-Cliff Koroll
Andrew Brunette-Kelly Kisio (A)-Tony Granato
Eric Vail-Alexei Guryshev-Martin Havlat

Dave Semenko and Frank Rankin (Extras)

Jeff Brown-Joe Jerwa(C)
John Van Boxmeer-Bob Turner
Bruce Driver-Billy Coutu

Yuri Fedorov and Dave Lewis (Extras)

Ryan Miller
Gerry Mcneil


Marc Crawford

Special Teams:

PP 1: Thomas-Taylor-Sheppard-Brown-Jerwa
PP2: Vail-Kuhnhackl-Granato-Van Boxmeer-Driver

PK 1: Granato-Kisio-Jerwa-Driver
PK 2: Brunette-Koroll-Van Boxmeer-Turner

Era Requirements:

pre-1917: Billy Coutu, Frank Rankin
1917-1942: Joe Jerwa, Billy Taylor
1943-1965: Bob Turner, Gerry Mcneil, Alexei Guryshev
1966-1979: Erich Kuhnhackl, Cliff Koroll, John Van Boxmeer, Eric Vail, Dave Semenko, Dave Lewis, Yuri Fedorov
1980-1994: Steve Thomas, Ray Sheppard, Jeff Brown, Kelly Kisio, Tony Granato, Bruce Driver
1995-2004: Ryan Miller, Cory Stillman, Andrew Brunette
active 2012: Martin Havlat

Bios: (Marc Crawford) (Gerry Mcneil) (ryan Miller) (Billy Coutu) (Bruce Driver) (Bob Turner) (John Van Boxmeer) (Joe Jerwa) (Jeff Brown) (Steve Thomas) (Billy Taylor) (Ray Sheppard) (Cory Stillman) (Erich Kuhnhackl) (Cliff Koroll) (Andrew Brunette) (Kelly Kisio) (Tony Granato) (Eric Vail) (alexei Guryshev) (Martin Havlat)


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