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Originally Posted by chsb View Post
70 points for Boudreau?
50 + points for Eichel?
50+ points for Ciampini and Ryan?

And you tell me I wear rose coloured glasses.....

The only kid I know who scored 105 points as a 17 YO was Crosby....

85 points for Drouin?

Yes! He bit! Oh my goodness where do I start!?

You, of ALL people have absolutely NO ground to stand on. I mean after your predictions you'd think it would be hard to criticize other peoples predictions... Your predictions that were mocked, laughed at and ripped to **** by several posters on 2 (ya, two different boards!), yet you find something odd with my predictions... Well, this is quite funny, but expected from you.

Let's begin with Ciampini and Ryan... I said "Potential alone". With the talent they possess they could put up that... Then I said "which i'd take and run" probably meaning that i'd be surprised if he hit that. Also, that's only 15 points more than his career PPG (Ciampini) and seeing as you have all the Titan players going through natural progression, would you not think that the #2 overall pick in 2010 could perhaps breakout? Or are you that delusional to think that natural progression only happens to Titan all-stars like Salvail and Banville

Boudreau: What is so shocking about 65-70 points? He saw a 38-point jump from his 17yo season last year.... So 1o points is "unreal" players progress from 18-19 and will have good wingers on his side this year (Frk, Fournier, Drouin) Ya I'm insane for thinking Bouds could produce 10 more points...

Drouin, you didn't provide a reason for this so I don't see the need to prove myself. He has all the skill and showed the numbers in only HALF a season... How many points do you see Drouin and provide a reason why.

MacKinnon: This is the one I was really hoping you'd jump on... What is so insane about 100+ for MacKinnon.
Christophe Lalancette: 30 goals and 50 assists for 80 points
- From chsb himself

So let me get this straight. You have and think is a good prediction, that Lalancette will score 80 points next year, which would be a 33 point jump from 2012... Yet when I say MacKinnon will have an 105 point season, which would be a 27 point jump from 2012, it's "unreal" Lalancette is not even in the same planet, no, universe, no, galaxy... Yes galaxy, as MacKinnon but he'll progress more? ... Ok no more needed here, I've proved my point... Now i'm curious, how many points do you see MacKinnon have, do you have the balls to respond to my post?

I will saw one more thing though, you hide your jealousy of the Mooseheads very poorly on these boards

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