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07-14-2012, 12:50 AM
This is all a joke.
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
The only way the players take a reduced percentage is with the league making concessions. Such as a shorter period to UFA (currently at 7 yrs - iirc). Entry level contracts won't change. And there's no chance that the players get rid of arbitration - as much as I dislike some of the awards, it's a needed process for those players (who qualify) to come to an arrangement with a GM. And more revenue sharing.

Honestly I expect to see the % at 50-53% with UFA years coming down to 6 (this will be the biggest concession the owners would have to make in return for the players giving up $). Possibly some sort of cap on contract term (6-7 years).

But if what Renaud tweeted is accurate, then I don't see us watching NHL hockey in Oct. Yes you aim high when making your initial offer, but not so high that the other guy thinks you're absolutely crazy.
This is just all bartering tactics, it was said best in Rum Diaries (and I slightly paraphrase), "if you want to raise taxes 5%, you propose to raise them 10%. Then meet in the middle so they feel like they win, and yo get the original 5% you wanted."

There will probably be a few shots back and forth to the extent of that phrase with these CBA agreements, it just so happens the NHL got the first volley.

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