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07-14-2012, 12:13 AM
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I think we have a very good GM. Granted, he came into an awesome situation, but the business side of things gets neglected in this thread, and the Pens are very healthy indeed, with strong earnings, endorsements, a great new rink and associated commercial deals, a strong media platform, a comparatively great web site and strong community outreach. A GM is also evaluated on such parameters.

There are very few things I don't like, but pressed for a few I'd say that we haven't developed a single top6 forward beyond Sid and Malkin - who were that from day one. There has been no Moulson or Purcell pickups, and outside of Dupuis who was an accidental succes (we wanted another NHL body in that trade, and jeg fit the bill for Atlanta), not a single minor acquisition has exceeded modest expectations offensivelyo.
As for the drafting, I don't think Shero has gotten BPA in any first or second round pick, with the possible exception of Despres/Morrow. We'll see.
I very much dislike that the biggest flaws on the roster have been poorly addressed two seasons running (and as one who always said the Martin/Michalek duo was not going to work, I have license to say that).
I hated the contract he gave Fleury then - far too long having shown far too little consistency - and I hate it more now that we have not developed anything resembling an alternative.
All that said - no matter the team, fans will have grievances about their GM. We have less reasons to than most. But there's no reason to treat Shero with the deference so many here do. He will make mistakes and thats the consequence of making decisions. I think the 'In Shero we trust' line, on EVERYTHING, annoys me more than his arguably faulty decisions though.

"Do you think Shero is an idiot? He wouldn't give away one of our best tradeable assets for nothing without knowing he would land Parise or Suter".

Its the religious faith I cant deal with. But as I don't know that I'd prefer anyone to him - it is real hard to not think one of the best around.

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