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Originally Posted by Jules Winnfield View Post
If you take away Walnut in Shadyside, you are left with Centre, South Highland, and Ellsworth.

There are two main roads to go from the Hill to Downtown, so I don't think taking away East Carson in the Southside is a fair example.

Take away Wylie and you still have Centre and 5th to Downtown. Furthermore, it's within walking distance to Downtown. On top of that, we're talking about the taking away of a road 50 years ago, with the area still having easy access to downtown. It seems a bit ridiculous IMO to focus on this as if it's a current major issue affecting the people living in the Hill.
You do not get that when you lose an iconic street that defines a neighborhood you lose more than a convenient artery from point A to point B? That if for whatever reason New Orleans lost Bourbon Street that they could try to move it all one street over but it would never be Bourbon Street with all that brings to mind when people think New Orleans?

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