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07-14-2012, 01:11 AM
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The real question is how close to this items do the owners really want to be.
I think anyone that has ever done any negotiating knows you ask for more than you want. But sometimes you come in close others times you shoot for the moon. And none of us know which one this was.
I really hope this was a shoot the moon because if it wasn't we are all going to have a very long wait to see a banner raised in Staples Center.
I can see where number 5 could happen as a concession since rookies are not in the league and therefore can get thrown under the bus without much problem. And that could be used as a big concession by the players to get the owners to budge on something they want. But the other 4 are just crazy. And number 3 is the owners trying to save them from themselves. Nobody forced them into these long term deals but agents or GMs, at the owners behest, started offering them and they were signed. Number 2 because it says 10 years NHL service they just don't want most players to ever be RFAs in their prime. Since most players don't play until they are 20 or more.

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