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Originally Posted by Zen Arcade View Post
Yeah, it's not like it was just a road. They lost all of the businesses and cultural attractions as well, the heart of the district was ripped out, essentially. People would come for those businesses and venues, and as a result, frequent other smaller shops and local places. When the biggest attractions were gone, people stopped coming and every business, even the one's outside of the main area suffered for it. It's kind of like a mall losing its anchor stores, people came for those and hit the smaller shops since they were already there. Once the big stores are gone, the smaller shops start losing business too and eventually the whole place goes under.
Like I said though, the area still would be where it is today, if not worse, had the arena never gone there. I recognize what was lost, or at least the loss hastened, by the arena going where it did. But the forces which were driving the hill into the slum and destitute place that it is today were there no matter what happened with the arena and would have devestated the area by now anyways. People were moving in droves from the cities and the arena, and even the loss of Pittsburgh's Bourbon Street, however a great a loss that was to our city, did little to alter those forces either way.

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