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07-14-2012, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Eddie Shack View Post

If you read the Puck Daddy anonymous player link above it lays out a reasonable POV if you're a player. It speaks to serious revenue sharing which I think is where Fehr is going to try and push the league. Certainly the players aren't going for more give backs which all of these leaked proposals are.

Don't forget, the players were content playing under the old CBA. It's the owners who gave notice to cancel it. This could get uglier than I first expected.
A careful read shows he also endorses moving markets that can't keep up with the runaway inflation.

If we are going to be serious about creating an environment in which all teams can be financially successful, then it's going to take considerably more thought than simply reducing the cap by 10-15 percent. Maybe there are some markets in which it's simply not realistic to expect that the situation can be salvaged. I don't know.
The players want all the teams to succeed, and to do so in their current locations. With that said, there are probably some cases in which revenues could be improved via relocation. Look at the bump in revenues that the players and the League enjoyed with the Atlanta to Winnipeg move. The players have no input into these matters and share in none of the relocation fees. We do, however, share in the benefits of healthy, profitable franchises.
Translation - Hi! We are the players. We don't give a damn about you fans or the support you've given us if there's a market somewhere else that will up league revenue so the cap goes up and we get more cash! Have a nice day! And buy our jerseys!

It's completely mercenary, just well written. At least the owners appear to actually want to support the current markets.

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