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07-14-2012, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by A1LeafNation View Post
The NHL is either making money OR they failed in the cities they put the NHL teams in. They cant have it both ways.
The can't all be elite markets. Every league has softer markets, to some degree it has to work for them or we'll only have 20 teams.

Originally Posted by A1LeafNation View Post
The NHL has to start by the winter classic or they will be under fire if they miss that Wngs/Leafs game. (I actually think this could be the first game of the season)
Keep hearing this, but we're talking about a deal the sets the structure for a minimum 3 billion revenue/yr over at least, minimum, 5 years. Working out how 15 billion bare minimum will shake down. 100 million or whatever the Classic might be worth, frankly, small potatoes. Symbolically very important though, yes.

Originally Posted by A1LeafNation View Post
If Im the PA I give into nothing until January, and then see where things go. The NHL has a deadline imo, the PA doesn't.
I think you're right about the deadline, and that's exactly how Fehr is framing it to with his "we'll play under the old terms" spiel.

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