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07-14-2012, 04:29 AM
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Originally Posted by beerme1 View Post
Pllay4 you make it sound as though Doan is holding us hostage!!! In fact WE are pursuing him so be clear about that. He is not seeking us out and that means overpay for free agent. Leino's deal is horrible I'll give you that unless of course he starts producing in his second year with us.

I agree with SabresAreScaryGood. It is a risk. One worth taking! Doan was a freaking beast in the playoffs. We didn't get to participate in them. Doan is worth every dollar we would give him as we will make the playoffs and be a force for the cup.

42 year old Temmu Selane signed a new one year deal @ 4.2 mil or something like that and some team will sign Dom. Thankfully not us but beside it all it's not my money I dont reallly give a **** what these insane owners pay the players. It's not my money although as a season ticket holder I shoulg have a say. And my say is only if i renew or not. I did as I think 15,499 or so others did also. There is a new bottom line here now. Win the cup. No more make the playoffs,
I want to WIN!!
42 year old Selanne signed a one year deal, exactly. His past 3 contracts were 1 year deals. Before that he got a 2 year deal. This is a guy who scored WELL over a PPG average the 3 years previous to that 2 year deal. This is the point. These guys don't get long deals because it needs to be taken year by year. You don't know at what point it all goes south and you don't want to be handcuffed by the 35 y/o contract stipulations.

Nevermind that Doan at his best isn't half the player Selanne is now at 42. Selanne is a frickin 1st ballot Hall of Famer. The man scored 76 goals as a rookie. Hasek is the best goaltender of all-time and he's asking for a 2 year deal but just watch and see that not happen. He may not even get a deal. This isn't just about "how long can he remain productive" because if the 35+ contract rules weren't in place it wouldn't be much different than taking a risk on an inconsistent young player hoping he'll improve. Take that same young player and then make it so that if he doesn't improve, you're stuck with an ineffective player that you can't buy out or bury in the minors. I think even if Doan retires his cap hit stays on the books.

I honestly don't even believe this 4/$30m report because, well, it's just such a bad idea. This isn't about Doan. It would have been a bad idea to sign Selanne to this contract 4 years ago because there would have been no way of knowing for sure that he'd still be playing and effective over those 4 years. Nevermind that his 3 1 year contracts were for only ~$4.5m and his 2 year deal previous to that was for ~$2.5m. But Doan deserves a 4 year risk @ $7.5m? No frickin way. And I do very much want Doan on this team. I made a strong argument in his favor in the Summer Moves thread when his name first came up. But I said max 2 years and I'm sticking to that. 2 years should be the max you go with any 35+ y/o player due to CBA rules.

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