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Originally Posted by HABsurde View Post
From Renaud Lavoie Twitter

leagues request

46% of revenue to the players instead of 57% right now

max length of contracts 5 years

no more arbitration

entry level contract 5 years instead of 3

you need to be in the NHL 10 years before free agency...

if there is any truth to this, we may look at hard hard negociations...
- % of revenues : hard to guess this one or to have an opinion. Decreasing from 57 to 52-53 should be enough for this negociation. Aiming at 50-50 the next time.

- Max. length of contracts 5 years : That one is mandatory. No more stupid contracts leading players to 40 years old when they're 25-27 ! In European soccer, 5 years contracts are the max. length.

- No more arbitration : Who cares, really ? It's less and less used nowadays...

- 5 years entry level contracts : No, this one is not needed. Better the 5 years limit to all contracts and upping the UFA age.

- 10 NHL years before free agency : I'd add, "or being 30 years old". This one will be hard to get. If I had to choose between this one and the length of contracts capped to 5 years, I'd choose the length of contracts capped. Getting 2 or even 1 year on free agency should be good enough.

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