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Originally Posted by number72 View Post
For RFAs it could suppress player salaries.

On the aggregate across the players likely not. That said, I'm not aware how players get the agreed upon %of HRR if a team does not spend to cap. Unless %HRR is tied to the cap floor and not the ceiling.
Originally Posted by Squiffy View Post
Escrow, everyones salary gets adjusted up or down on % once audited HRR is in. I think, in simplistic version.
Also HRR (Gross Revenue), is estimated on the Mid point, with the Cap ceiling at +$8 mil and the cap floor -$8 mil from the center..

The concept being that some teams spend to the cap ceiling and some spend to the cap floor and the average spending overall coming in somewhere in the middle which would be close the other estimated HRR for that season.

When the final figures are in is adjusted to official numbers through the Escrow system which Squiffy mentioned, where a % portion is deducted from all players salaries on a regular basis through payroll deductions. The escrow % adjusted quarterly to best reflect gross revenue figures and then a refund given to players at end of season from the protions deducted throughout.

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