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07-14-2012, 11:41 AM
Bunk Moreland
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Another article from Larry Brooks:
Seven years after mortally wounding the Players’ Association, the NHL Board of Governors is moving in for yet another kill, its first collective bargaining submission yesterday in Toronto as much a declaration of war as an initial proposal off which to negotiate.

The league power brokers who canceled the 2004-05 season in order to get the hard cap that is contained in the CBA that expires on Sept. 15 after seven seasons of unprecedented revenue growth, are essentially challenging the players, now led by Donald Fehr, to accept another round of massive givebacks or be prepared to miss 2012-13.

Unless the players cave in historic fashion, a lengthy lockout is a certainty.

Sources within the industry last night told The Post the league is not only demanding the players accept a cut in their percentage of the gross from the current 57 percent to 46 percent, but also recalculating the definition of Hockey Related Revenue so the pot from which the owners and players share would be drastically reduced.
The league earned a record $3.2 billion in revenue last year and Gary Bettman's salary has more than doubled since last CBA negotiations. Now they want to redefine what Hockey Related Revenue is (to decrease it) and then further decrease the amount that the players will get.

The sky isn't falling yet but I'm now more nervous than I was before.

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