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07-14-2012, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by SufferingCatFan View Post
Numerous news articles suggest that the Owner's initial proposal reflects an effort significantly to reduce the players share of revenues and thereby lower the salary cap, eliminate cap circumvention contracts, and extend the time to free agency and lower the costs of contracts to younger players. Not saying that the players are going to agree to the owners proposal, but it does seem likely that whatever compromise the players and owners ultimately work out will: (1) lower the cap while narrowing the range between the cap and the floor; (2) contain limitations on long-term front loaded contracts designed to circumvent the cap; and (3) contain limitations on money going to the younger players in order to maintain the compensation of the current NHLers who will vote to ratify the CBA.

On the surface, this looks to favor the Panthers in several ways. First, the Cats are way below the cap so will have money to spend even if it goes down by 10%. Second, the Cats have few long term contracts. Finally, with its pool of deep prospects, the Cats will likely have to pay them less money for the first seven years of their careers.

What do you think?
I think that we are far better positioned than most as far as long term future for the reasons you have mentioned. That said, the first offer out of the league is exactly that, laughably low-ball and with the obvious intention of movement upward.

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