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07-14-2012, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by SEALBound View Post
I'll be the first to admit that ELC's for Despres and Morrow are gonna rock! I'm sure we will be able to same the same for the like of Dumoulin and Harrington too. They will allow us to make those trades later for guys like Orpik and Martin...but when those guys are ready to be traded...who are the targets gonna be? I don't think we can get a Neal in every trade and have it work like it did.

Not only that but we are a couple years away from having these prospects be valuable enough to trade. Those couple years...are Sid's and Geno's prime and we are pissing them away.

I hate the "I like my roster" crap Shero feeds us. Guess aren't gonna like it forever! Can't always solve every problem with a trade or signing. Look at the better players in the league...the vast majority were drafted by that team.

To Shero's credit, there was no way he could know he would miss out on both Parise and Suter...he made the moves to plan for it and it didn't work out. **** happens. I get that. But having such limited back up available in terms of forward still troubling to me.

I'd much rather have an immediate option at forward...rather than a d prospect with the hope of trading him.
Short of trading up for Yakapov, that was no an option at the draft. At best we were getting someone that might possibly compete for a spot next year. More likely he'd actually have a chance to make the team the year after.

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