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07-14-2012, 01:26 PM
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You can't win with players that are all the same.

Boston, the team that causes a lot of Habs fan to have size and ''toughness'' issue with our current roster, had David Krejci as their no1 center when they won the cup.

He's comparable to Plekanec. Neither are really physical or big, Krejci is slightly more consistant offensively but plays with much better player while Plekanec is steadier defensively. Detroit excelled with players in the mold of Plekanec. Plekanec is a very hard worker, he's skilled and is reliable.

''He doesn't ram the net and deliver bone crushing hits while fighting goons all over the place!'' - sure, then why don't we have him play with a player that does it?

Originally Posted by YourBuddy
Very good point. Gone before the beginning of the season.
30th place here we come! It would be a very long season without Plekanec, Desharnais, Eller and scrub Gomez would all struggle immensely. Honestly I'd rather have a lockout than endure the humiliation of a terrible team again. Seriously if Bergevin wants to tank, then trading Plekanec is the no1 solution.

If he wants to win then trading Plekanec is simply put a boneheaded move. He would never acquire a player than can be as useful to the team as Plekanec in a trade.

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