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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
we are already bordering on an annoying political debate. Let's not turn it religious too. When religion and politics are debated with anonymity, everybody loses.
On the other hand, even though it veered slightly OT, giving some knowledge of the very rich history that we had right where the arena stands now was not a bad thing. Like I said, we had one of the most important centers of the start of Jazz Music in America, the most important between NYC and Chicago, right there where the arena stands. Along with all of the famous clubs and nightlife that went with that. I doubt many knew of it here and it was not that long ago. The thread was worth it to talk about that some.

But the point of the article that forms the basis for this thread is tangential to that, though only slightly so. Sadly I doubt one in a hundred of the people coming with their hands out, either with this group or in that community, know a thing about this history of theirs.

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