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Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
I would too but if anything makes my neck veins bulge it's people who think employees are serfs. It's an even more nonsensical argument in sports - Sidney Crosby, in an uncapped market, would collect a huge amount of money because nobody does what Sid does. What he'll sell in tickets, merchandise, advertising and so on will pay for his contract and if he wins you a Cup then it's a bonanza.

Anyway, let's bring it back to sport. Every team in baseball except for the Jays, Natspos (who are in first place), Royals, Orioles and Pirates (who are in first place) have made the playoffs in the last 10 years. Half the league has won a pennant, and we've had eight different champions in the last 10 years.

The same 3-4 teams stuff is so dumb. It wasn't even true in the late 90s, it's definitely not now.
Athletes are not serfs. They are employees. Without an owner paying Sidney Crosby for his services, what would he make as the world's best pond hockey player? Zero.

And where do owners get the money to pay the Sidney's of the world? From their own stash? **** no. From hockey FANS like you and I.

So why are hockey FANS wanting to screw the owners so that the Sidney's get more money while at the same time the hockey FANS will pay MORE money?

Hockey is a business. Think about it this way and maybe it will make sense to you.

Owners make money.
Players make money.

Oh, and think of every single player on the Canadiens roster. Do they CARE about YOU? Sure, they will sign autographs and be nice to you in public functions. And they probably make good and friendly neighbors. But do they care about you? Or would they take the extra millions offered to them by another team to leave Montreal? Would they call YOU before they left to tell you that they are sorry that they are leaving?

There is a reality disconnect from a few here.......

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