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Originally Posted by RushDP View Post
Wow, you really don't understand much do you? You use Sid as an example of how much he should get in an open non cap world because the tickets he'd sell and merchandise would pay for it. How? if you're sold out where do you sell the extra tickets to pay him? The merchandising of proprietary logos and brands that are the Pens should go directly into Lemieux's pocket. He kept the team there and made the deals to build a new arena. He supported the franchise when they sucked and nobody was going but a few draft picks later they are a force and Sid should get the rewards?

I guess when Sid signed the Reebok deal the Pens should have got half right? Sid makes a lot more money that just his salary. He owns his person and he sells it to the highest bidder...Reebok in this case.

That's what players don't tell you. They say they want a piece of ALL hockey revenue including the building, parking, concessions and so on. They should spit the revenue from ticket sales 50-50 and the owners keep the rest of the event related revenue because it is their brand that is being sold and the players get to sign sponsorship deals and sell their own brand (themselves) with no sharing with the owner.

This is not a partnership venture with the players. They don't have a stake in any team they go form one team to another with no loyalty to any of them because it is their business so why get all misty eyed for them when they don't care about anything but the almighty dollar? Some here are making it seem that the owners are greedy but the same is true of the players...its called negotiating.
LOL, have you never heard of raising ticket prices?

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