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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Not sure why you're so upset over this.
I don't care if he won the cup, plenty of bad players have won the cup. Doesn't Chris Osgood have like 4 cups? Does this make him one of the best goalies of modern times? Of course not.

I don't need to know what other people from other boards think. I can form my own opinion on the matter. Point is, McQuaid is not really reliable. He brings a physical aspect to the game, which seems to be the ONLY positive point you can bring up, and that's about it. He isn't all that great defensively, not a great puck mover, below average skater, not a great fighter, not even a specialist on the PP or PK, really, he's very very average for a bottom pair guy.
Nothing to get bent out of shape over.

I wouldn't take McQuaid over Diaz on my team. No. Over Bouillon? Ya. Over Campoli? Ya. Over Weber? that depends on the rest of the team. If we already have Diaz, Markov, Kaberle, than yea, I'd probably prefer to put some size on our back end instead of yet another smaller puck mover, but that's not because McQuaid is better than Weber. It's because he'd fill a need that Weber can't. If we were lacking puck movers, I'd pick Weber over McQuaid.

Anyways, McQuaid is in Boston for 2 more years. So, not sure what the discussion is all about really.
Kriss, McQuaid is a + 46 and has 25 points over the last two years.

Diaz is a - 7 with 16 points last year.
Weber is a - 7 with 29 points over the last two years.

McQuaid is a physical DMan who can clear the crease and fight. Weber and Diaz couldnt hurt a fly.

McQuaid is not available but he (his type) is exactly who we need on this team on the bottom pairing.

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