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07-14-2012, 01:42 PM
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I find these negotiations funny. The whole idea of them being called negotiations and partners is one big LOL.

The owners have the players over the barrel. There is nothing they can do. You think they players want to go live in Russia forever? Come on, they have no leverage and never have.

They won't sign this deal, the league doesn't expect them to, but the owners will get what they want, again.

Donald Fehr will not out muscle Gary Bettman. I know people don't like Bettman, but when it comes to the business side, he'll never lose. The PA has no power.

Only 10 teams are making money, the model is broken. I know many say, well the owners who are losing aren't losing that much, so who cares, well, they do. They are business men, they don't throw their money away if they can prevent it.

If the PA gets stubborn, they will sit out and eventually settle for what the league is asking, or a very close variation. The losing teams don't really give a **** if there is a season next year or not, a lockout saves them money.

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