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07-14-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by habsroom View Post
So you admit he brings a physical aspect to the game ( which is what we need and that is what this whole topic I started was about ). You say he isn't a great fight ...where did you come up with that? He has been in 26 NHL fights and has only lost 2 (as per Now does that sound like a guy that can't fight????? He has had over a hundred hits and blocks in his first 2 NHL seasons which is good for a 3rd pairing dman plus he has played on the pk and was plus 46 in 2 years.

So you would rather have Daiz on the Montreal Canadiens than McQuaid lol. Daiz has no place here on the HABS, he is behind Markov,Subban,Kaberle ,Weber and maybe even Emelin when it comes to pp time so where is he going to get his ice time? maybe on the 3rd pairing which is the perfect spot for a Young/Tough/BIG /cheap denseman like McQuaid. So i BET PRICE is injuried before the allstar break because we have no defensemen that will stick up for him and direct the oncoming forwards out of the crease. Really wake up the HAbs need atleast 1 guy like McQuaid to pound on forwards like Lucic,Neil and so on.

So in 2 years when Tinordi is playing on the HABS and playing the same type of game that McQuaid plays now are you going to say he sucks because he doesn't play on the powerplay and isn't the fastest skater on the team ? You will overlook that he protects the small players and the goaltender and hits,fights and blocks shots which in turn shows great leadership and will be loved by his teammates for doing all the dirty work.
First off, I never said he sucks, you're the one that seems to be in love with him. I said he's really not that good, as in, nowhere near as good as you're making him out to be.
Furthermore, the arguments you use to try to prove your point just make you look even more desperate.

I also never said McQuaid isn't good because he doesn't play on the PP or doesn't skate fast. I said a multitude of things and when you add them ALL together, then ya, it makes for a very average bottom line player.
Doesn't mean I wouldn't take him on our team. Heck, I wanted us to sign Erskine two years ago. Still, I'm able to say Erskine isn't a great bottom pair Dman, just like McQuaid.

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