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Originally Posted by HockeyFan87 View Post
Sorry but THIS is a wrong reasoning.

It's unfair to compare Plekanec to those players because unlike him, all those players don't fear to go in high traffic areas and in front of the net, especially in the playoffs.

Plekanec is and has always been a perimeter player who shies to go in high traffic areas and in front of the net. He's a player who works hard at both ends of the ice with exemplary work ethic, is very good to read the play in the defensive zone and has above average offensive potential (50-60 pts). He is a player that can be very valuable for a team to help it get in the playoffs, but once there he becomes less valuable because he shies the high traffic areas and the front of the net unlike DD for example. He will get the job done in his own zone but in the offensive zone, it will be hard for him to have any sort of impact. In fact, to me, he doesn't look at all like a Michel Therrien/Marc Bergevin type of player.
Plekanec really doesn't avoid contact completely, he just isn't very effective in it. I never understand it when people who watch this team regularly say Plekanec avoids the corners and net, he's not enthusiastically crashing into everything but that's because his game is about speed, positioning and stickwork and when you play significantly more time than any other forward on your team and are undersized without being built like a tank, you can't afford to be hitting into everything.

Desharnais for instance might go into the corners more and I love his fearlessness, but it's not always effective and if Desharnais is going to be a true number 1 center he's going to have to learn to pick his battles if he wants a long career.

Originally Posted by YourBuddy View Post
He is not theri type pf player because he is NOT a winner. There happy.
But Desharnais is a winner for putting up 60 points on one of the worst teams in the league? What is a "winner" exactly?

Originally Posted by YourBuddy View Post
My goodness the one who himself calls a girl, has gotten the Habs a 3rd pick in 2012...Time to move on.
It's Plekanec's fault the Habs were awful last year? Did he intentionally chose to start all his shifts in his own zone surrounded by scrubs?

I respect your opinion on thinking he should be trading looking to the future, but when you say things like this you approach patofqc territory.

Originally Posted by TakiHaque View Post
who cares about the last 10 games of the season when you're not even making the playoffs? what's matters is every game of the season together
Plekanec was at a near PPG base for the first few months of the season back when the team was just outside the playoffs despite an awful start. His worse stretch of the season and including one of the worst months since he became an NHL regular was when the team was imploding. If anything Plekanec has been a barometer for this team's success in the past few years.

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