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OT: My Grad School Plans

O Holy Board of Hockey I Come Seeking Your Wisdom.

Before me lies two choices for my grad school plans:

Either I attend the University of Toronto for a public affairs degree, or I attend Concordia University in Montreal for a similar degree. Let's say both programs are on equal footing, I am more concerned with the city.

I love sports and big events dearly and Montreal attracts me because of its inexpensive nature (rent/food seems to be much much cheaper overall then Ottawa (where I'm coming from) or Toronto, culture, and excellent public transportation (subway etc...). However, Toronto certainly has the edge in terms of its deluge of pro sports teams, enormous entertainment venues, and overall size.

In 50 words or so, can you guys do a good sell job of downtown Montreal for me? (and maybe some tips on good places to live, shop, what have you)

I am posting a similar thread on the Toronto board to get their input too.

Mods I know this is off-topic, but until Luongo gets traded, hey why not?

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