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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
I agree that JDP was the cream of the crop.

Brooks always has been the best IMO for the same reason some here have already mentioned....he's been the only one that's consistently gotten inside info. Even when Dellapina was around Brooks was scooping him left & right. I value that the most in a beat writer.
Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Zipay and Gross are ok, but you definitely miss someone who will do more than just "report".

Like someone like Dellapina was against trading Brian Leetch for example, and wrote that, and cirtizised Slats for pullin of the trade when it was made. I was for trading Leetch, I am not a sentimental fan in that sense -- but imagine if we were trading Leetch today, the only written would be about what teams would be interested unles Brooks stuck out his neck.

I mean, now when things are going well it don't matter much that we lack people really covering the team -- but we are still GMed by Slats who has done a horrible job in the not so far away past. A lockout might be looming and you know the commissioner won hesitate to screw fans and the strong Canadian media are extremely league friendly. And so forth...
I don't miss Dellapina's opinions' much(and part of this is because I have never valued the Daily News over the Post), but I agree with the general sentiment I think you're saying in that I wish there was another writer that could bring it the way Brooks' does...that is to say someone out there who has a strong, unique opinion/perspective to bring on all things Rangers & who has the freedom to write it.

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