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07-14-2012, 07:22 PM
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I'm South Korean and live in the Midwest, and I never really experienced any problems until I started playing travel hockey in middle school. It carried over into JV/Varsity for high school, but didn't happen as frequently then. Being one of the more skilled players comes with a target on the back to begin with, but being a minority only makes it bigger. During college hockey, I don't recall any racist remarks.

I actually had a couple beer league players make comments towards me this past winter session, and once again about a month ago. The first was from a grad student who said, "I'm surprised you can even see," and the second was from a kid who just graduated high school who told me multiple times, "Go back to Asia!" It's a shame that such behavior still exists, and I think the biggest shock came not from the actual comments, but from the fact that I hadn't heard anything like that in years.

Hearing those things used to upset me greatly, but now I just laugh at them and ask, "You really think I haven't heard that one before?" It also makes me play even harder, which is always a good thing. The high school kid wouldn't even shake my hand after the game, and what's even worse is that he played with a black kid all the way through high school who would hear that kind of garbage all the time.

The best part, aside from beating those two beer league teams, was that teammates of the guys who made the comments came up to me after the game and apologized for them because they didn't want one person to make their whole team look bad. While racist comments are unfortunate, I can look at them as kind of a complement. If I wasn't producing points or making smart hockey plays, they wouldn't waste their time saying things to try and throw me off my game.

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