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07-14-2012, 07:26 PM
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Joyce Clark came by to speak to the pac this morning. She spoke to Tindall about the tax initiative. Tindall has several court decisions supporting their position and they are confident they will prevail. She expects a hearing in the next 10 days.

She reiterated that she is not affiliated with the pac in any way other than being supportive our our cause. I suspect some of her opponents are trying to stir things up.

She is up for reelection. She has been staunchly behind keeping the Coyotes in AZ. We need to keep her on the COG council so she can continue to be an advocate. Over the past few weeks, 20 of her campaign signs have been stolen or destroyed. If anyone would like to make a donation to her campaign or is willing to help distribute flyers, go to her website for details. Any $ or time you can offer will be appreciated.

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