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07-14-2012, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
Definitely. All I really wanted to put across is it's one thing to agree with the owner's stance (though in this case it's a headscratcher frankly) but it's another to kiss their rumps and elevate them to some status above the players in terms of a partnership (or in this case, a competition of sorts). I also never get when people complain about the players because "they make so much money" when the owners are billionaires or groups of mutli-millionaires. I guess it's true that so many people look at the players and think the athletes don't deserve to get paid more than they do, which is silly but whatever.
Both sides have to bracket the negotiation well away from their minimum acceptable deal. The owners probably will accept far less that what they've asked for, and can accept even less that that. The idea that they should offer up either of those two options is bad business. They offered up a deal that the players can't accept, but that offer becomes one end of the negotiation. It serves the players well, since the owners would lose in the war of PR if they offered an even worse deal for the players.

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
At any rate, I'm anxious to see what the players' counter-proposal is. Are they going to come up with ridiculous demands themselves (wouldn't blame 'em frankly) or are they going to attack it more of a "No, you aren't getting those things. We like how things are now." The latter might put them in a better position to put "public pressure" on the league, not that it would necessarily amount to anything. Bettman's a cold-blooded cat, learned a thing or two from Stern to be sure.
... and the players should do the same as the owners: determine what their minimum acceptable deal is, and make an offer well away from it. That then becomes the second bracket. Negotiation then occurs somewhere in between the owner's offer and the player's offer.

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