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Overrated: Big Mac
He knocked out Ivanans who kept his chin wide open for a shot, got fed like 5 shots to the jaw before he went down. Knocked down a 37 year old Brashear 10 years past his prime. Thats his major NHL highlights in a nutshell. Got tooled by Godard. I still like him though, not #1 in my book though.

Underrated: Bam Bam
As a hockey player and a fighter. Most of the geeks on the main board think he is useless aside from fighting and cant skate. He is a decent skater going straight and is one of the best hitters (an underrated skill on these boards) in the game. Beast on the forecheck. He is very smart when it comes to fighting, doesnt go t2t with guys bigger then him but will with guys his size. Never seen the guy get K.O. and has the best endurance of any fighter past or present.

If I was GM, he would be in my top 2 prefered choices for an enforcer.

Best: Mcgrattan
Always goes t2t and never see him get handed to. (Boogaard k.o. the exception) Wasnt voted the toughest player by NHL players for nothing.

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