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Skates and Skating

Originally Posted by pnewsom View Post
The pants are Bauer Vapor XXXX, fit quite well, but seem to be a little shy in the padding in that area.
I'm 6', 180lbs, large framed, and in fairly good condition. Been skating for about four years, started at age 53.

I play in a recreational group, three times a week, year round. We play pretty fast, with a wide range of skill levels. I also take hockey skills courses.

I don't fall every game, but when I do I keep nailing the hip. The main causes are collisions,(right hip) and catching an outside edge during a transition(left hip).
The falls happen fast and somehow I've been winding up on one hip or the other. Once that muscle is smacked good it stays knotted up and tender for a long time. It may be that I'm falling awkwardly somehow.

I'll take my pants to a equipment repair place and see about adding some extra padding in the hip areas.
Talk to the skating instructor of your hockey skills course. You have identified two specific circumstances when you fall plus you ar playing with and against a wide skill range. This means your reaction time is variable - more time against weak players, less against strong players. Transition left hip injury points to a transition problem - go thru your transition movements on the ice with the skating instructor.

Collision - right hip learn how to abosrb and manage collisions even if incidental. Could be a balance problem when you skate. Talk to the appropriate hockey skills instructors - skating and checking. Body position and balance.

Also the repeated catching of an edge when you transition may mean that you should explain the situation to the skate sharpening guys after talking with the instructor and you may have to slightly change the type of cut you have or the frequency.

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