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07-15-2012, 12:39 AM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Here's my personal philosophy: ignore the media doom-and-gloom, step back, and take a realistic look at the situation.
They want you to be scared and think that it's likely to happen so you read what they're writing.
If you're not reading, their material is worthless.

Re: the initial proposal from the NHL - why would they take a chance of leaving anything on the table?
They're going to propose their ideal situation, expect not to get it, and work from there.

Also remember that both sides had prior opportunities to re-negotiate this agreement and didn't.
They pushed it to the end of the agreement that technically could have been infinitely extended, but that didn't make sense as some changes are needed.
They did not prematurely terminate the agreement though, so it's likely still temporarily workable going forward.
The owners likely know they can't afford to lockout yet again and did not opt to terminate the agreement, so one would think that they'd be fine continuing to work under it temporarily, even if it means a loss of leverage.
Fehr has said that they are working in good faith and that they are fine with the season starting while negotiations are still going on.

Yes, there are problems (some significant) but it's nothing compared to 2004-05.
These things are workable and both sides are aware of what a third lockout in the last two decades would do.
And if there's anything the NFL/NBA negotiations have taught us...even when things appear stuck in the rut...they get one major agreement and within a week the whole thing could be hammered out. Those two leagues pushed it to the 11th hour (or longer in the NBA's case), but there's no reason to believe that it will take that long. It still could...but no timetable should be inferred at al from news like this.

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