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Originally Posted by puckyeah View Post
That's not the point. The point was to shoot down the idea that players who 'havent done anything' in the big leagues is not something that determines a player's value or worth.

As far as the 'type' of prospect, Bernier is a goalie and a goalie in hockey is 10X more important than an outfielder in baseball. So, even if Harper is 10x more talented than Bernier, he's still one man of 25 and not a goalie on an NHL team. A top notch goalie has more of an impact on his team's championship chances than even a #1 starter in baseball does.
Well I'm sorry, when you compare someone like Harper to Bernier, you're gonna get a response.

Bernier has potential, but goalies are a crapshoot, and very rarely do you get a legit starter out of them.

How many of the top goalies in the game are even 1st rounders? That's why people are hesitant to cough up anything of significance for one.

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