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07-15-2012, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by End of Line View Post
Just b/c you couldn't see it? Sonnen easily cuts for some reason, happened to him against Marquardt as well. They both took a lot of damage and we didn't see how bruised Silva's face was compared to Chael who was all over the media following that fight. I'm not being a Sonnen fan boy here either.

Sonnen was in the media the very next day doing interviews. Silva was in the hospital. People put too much stock in what happens to another guy's face as far as damage goes when the face is only one part of the body that gets focused.

Look, anti-Sonnen fans can go on all they want about him losing twice to Silva. It's true, he lost. But he also dominated the majority of the time those two have spent fighting each other. No other fighter in MMA has taken it to Silva the way Sonnen has and Silva is the proclaimed best in history. What does that say about Sonnen? The guy has dominated the vast majority of fights his whole career, both in MMA and wrestling. He's lost a very small handful of rounds in his 20 or so year career in wrestling/MMA. The guy was in the position he was in because he's really good at what he does in the ring and untouchable with a live mic and he'll be in that position again in the near future. The one real knock against Sonnen is that he's always found a way to lose a match he was winning and it's a stigma that's stuck with him for years.

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