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07-15-2012, 02:27 AM
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Dangerously on topic but off topic enough to go here and didn't think it warranted its own thread:

Not having been to many Coyotes games since they moved out to Westgate, but having full season tix for next year, I'll be needing to find places to eat dinner beforehand (not really keen on the idea of paying concession stand prices to eat dinner if I have the opportunity to eat before the game instead - snacks are okay to pay for, meals no).

What are some good, relatively inexpensive places to visit for some dinner before a game in/around Westgate? I notice there's a Johnny Rocket's in the city center, and after game 5 against the Kings I stopped by an In N Out on the way home. I'm aware of some of the places near the arena, but have never tried any of them.

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