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Originally Posted by Latgale_fan View Post
Of course but I am still waiting for that young talent who would be willing and able to prove that you can grow NHL superstar in Latvia... As people are using this ''In Latvia there are no coaches and no chance to develop into a great player'' slogan for 10 years already, as a basis of that claim mentioning the fact that Karsums, Daugavins, Bartulis, Kulda, Darzins developed in CHL... when NO PLAYER OF QUALITY actually was left in Latvia to develop in these years, so we can't compare how would they do vs those who went to CHL.

Indrasis brief moments of brilliance at this year's WC (who has all his career been based in Latvia), despite him being only a subpar talent only made me lean more towards the ''CHL ruins talents'' camp here...

I don't believe and never have believed the fact that in Latvia there are no good coaches. If there were none, we would not have Balderis before, Irbe, Ozolins, Zholtock or Skrastins who played very well in NHL... Also if we talk about recent CHL "success stories'' and mention Daugavins, Karsums, Bārtulis.... sorry but are they success stories? When they left Latvia, they had a potential to reach more than the 4th line in NHL....

Sure it's great that scouts will see those guys next year and maybe draft somebody too, but... Do we need high drafts or quality players? Karsums was a 2nd round pick, Bartulis and Daugavins 3rd, I believe... I can name 2 Belorussians who never went CHL, were drafted lower but are more influential in NHL now than these guys will ever be...

Maybe Rihards Bukarts will develop into something special, Georgs Golovkovs, the sensation of last years U18.... while maturing in Latvia, playing for Dinamo until the age of 20 or more and then going to NHL.

I also can't understand the strange fascination with AHL in Latvia. If we would ask a Swede or a Russian, where would they like their Girgensons to develop if they are not in NHL already at the age of 18, the answer would probably be the local club in these countries.... In Latvia, even if Dinamo Riga somehow got back the rights to Girgs from CSKA and Zemgus would be wiling to play in Dinamo, I think the fans would get heart attack when hearing that their golden boy left superior foreign fairytale league AHL to play for drab and cold ''bears skating on ice'' Dinamo Riga in joke league KHL..... When Rihards Bukarts signed with Dinamo there was also this feeling that fans were already writing off the player. For what reason?? It's unexplainable... We want Dinamo to succeed and win the cup one day, we know that we don't have money to buy superstars, we know we don't want only foreigners to play there and would like to keep the number to the current 5-6 preferably but... we don't want our players to develop in Dinamo system. So what do we want actually?
This,million times this,you are right on the spot with this observation,i was absolutley stunned when fans already wrote off bukarts when he didnt went the chl route,i mean look at grandlund,tarasenko,kuzentsov, did they go to chl? no,are they gonna be superb players in NHL? absolutley,but to be fair to the fans you shouldnt be basing your opinion by just reading immature teenagers at sportcentre.

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