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Originally Posted by habsroom View Post
How is he plus 46 over the last 2 years if he can't play defense? He is second among boston defensemen in +/- .......

Chara is plus = 66
McQuaid plus = 46
Boychuck plus = 42
Ference plus = 31
Seidenberg plus = 18

So I have proved to you that he is tough 26 nhl fights 2 loses, that he is big 6-4 210
that he can play defense +46 in 2 years, that he has a great contract he is making under 1.6 million and is signed for 3 more years(franky B gets $1.5) plus he has played in big games and has a cup ring already. And to boot other posters on here would also love to have him and said he is the perfect type of dman needed here in Montreal !!!!!! JUST ADMIT IT YOU LOST HIS FIGHT.

PS SMART ASS AMSWERS DON'T WIN YOU FIGHTS !(Here's a crazy idea about what makes a defenseman good, playing good defense I know, I know, it's a crazy thought) THE FACTS AND KNOWING HOCKEY PLAYERS AND THE TYPE OF PLAYERS THAT TEAMMATES WANT TO PLAY WITH DO.
What fight did I lose? McQuaid is not that good of a defenseman. Simple, clear, and correct.

By your logic, McQuaid is the 2nd best Dman in Boston, because he's 2nd in terms of +/-, which is ********. That stat has a lot more to do about the team than the individual. It's like the GAA for goalies.

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