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07-15-2012, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by RL605 View Post
If anything, Dolan is the one who wants to keep Lin and im going to say the person who wouldn't is Melo.

I don't understand why people are caring so much about the contract. This team has a 3 year window anyways and Lin's contract would be 3 years with a 4th option. I don't get it. All it means is that Dolan would have to pay the luxury tax up the ass. Cap space means nothing now since we'll have really none anyways and there's no one out there to get with it besides a CP3 pipe dream. All contracts for this team will be up in 3 years besides Melo, I believe.
It IS Dolan. The early reports were that the Knicks would match any offer.
Then late word Friday, was the Knicks were angry the Rockets back-loaded the deal in the 3rd year. Which means Dolan would have to pay luxury tax.
It has also been reported that Lin gave Houston some inside info (to get more money) about what the Knicks plan to do. It's being assumed Dolan isn't too happy about this.

Knicks probably also don't think Lin is worth it.

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It is ridiculous

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