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07-15-2012, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by SomebodySaveKreider View Post
Lin is NOT worth $30 million. Especially when you have Chris Paul whose BEGGING to become a Knick after the season.

Just because Melo has a what you consider a bad contract doesn't mean the Knicks should just throw money at Lin, who while has skill, turns the ball over a lot and doesn't defend well. Not to mention, he only played 25 games here.
What does any of this have to do with my post? I didn't say that they should sign Lin. I'm not criticizing the Knicks for their Lin decision one way or another.

I'm taking issue Anthony for saying things he has no business saying, especially when they threw way too much money and assets at him. How do you say you want a guy back on your team and in the same sentence talk about him having a ridiculous contract, when your own behavior suggests that you're an incredibly selfish player who cares far less about winning than making money and getting what you want? Lin is trying to get paid, just like anyone else. Just like Anthony. But Lin isn't holding an entire franchise, 11 teammates, and a Hall of Fame coach hostage for half a season to do it, like Anthony did.

If the Knicks continue to win, then it doesn't matter if Lin is on the team, they'll make money. The glitz and glamour only last so long.

Again, this bears absolutely no connection to my comment. The Knicks will make money whether they win or lose, whether Lin is on the team. The Knicks could be the worst team in the league, they'd still make money. In fact, they were the worst team in the league for years, and they still made a ton of money.

But even a reasonable amount of success in Lin's future will mean that any team he plays on will make a significantly larger amount of money simply due to his presence. He's entitled to a piece of that pie, and I have no qualms with him trying to get paid, just like most players do the first chance they get.

It's a totally hypocritical and unnecessary comment for Anthony to make, but that's the type of person Anthony is, as the exploits of his career have long since shown.

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