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07-15-2012, 02:41 PM
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Comparaing some of the food from AZ to the food in NY.

There is no question with different cultures you're are not going to see many things common in NY in AZ and visa versa with the exception of NY Style Pizza and real mexican food.

Sadly, too many people in NY and in the rest of the USA think Taco bell is real mexican food.

When you live in a place that is a melting pot within the melting pot(AZ), there is going to be a nice sample of food from many places on Earth with a majority of the cuisine is Mexican and Southweastern.

Couple of things I do miss from NY are NY Style Chinesse Food and Monster Subs.
I only found 1 place in East Mesa on Ellsworth and Brown that was decent for NY Style Chinesse food.
I have yet to find a place that has these kind of Subs:

For the price of a footling Big Philly from Subway($8.75)

I get a sub where half of one alone has a ******** of meat in cheese inside that is enough to make anywhere between 5-10 regular bread sandwiches.

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