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Originally Posted by WarriorOfGandhi View Post
it's post like these that demonstrate that Francis is clearly not underrated but rather overrated. Being 4th all time in scoring (or 2nd in assists) doesn't make him the 4th best player ever, far from it. Francis was a prolific two-way player who had the luck to have his offensive prime overlap the highest-scoring era in NHL history, then have enough longevity to continue a good scoring clip into his 40s. Saying he's the equal of Sakic (whose hardware is vastly superior to Francis') is overrating him.
Hart Trophy finishes (min 1 vote)

Sakic: 7th in 1991, 7th in 1996, 14th in 1997, 14th in 2000, 1st in 2001, 7th in 2002, 7th in 2004, 8th in 2007

Francis: 15th in 1998, 6th in 2002

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