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07-15-2012, 02:46 PM
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Well, unfortunately the degrees aren't on equal footing. The general quality of universities in Canada breaks down something like this:
1st tier: U of T, Waterloo, UBC
2nd: McGill, Queens, U of A, Western, other similar types of regional powerhouse schools
3rd: Concordia, UVic, etc.
We're not in the US, so the difference between tiers is a lot smaller than between say Stanford, then a decent state school, then some tiny regional school, but the difference is there.

Now, individual programs will vary wildly, so you'd know better about your specific area of interest than anyone, but depending on who's doing the hiring general reputation might be more salient.

As for the cities themselves, Toronto will be vastly underrated here. Essentially the difference between the two is a function of the economy, "culture" and the demographics. Toronto is far, far bigger and more diverse, and so more interesting in that there'll always be more to discover. The economy is in much better shape, so the city is cleaner with better infrastructure, and the people there are more likely to stick around longterm. Montreal has more of a student or non-permanent population, so there's a more accessible nightlife. Toronto's is just as vibrant, though more segregated and widespread, so it's a matter of meeting the right people. I guess ultimately it's up to how much effort you want to put into enjoying a city: Montreal is easier to have a good time in, but Toronto is more rewarding if you're willing to put in the effort.

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