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07-15-2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ForSpareParts View Post
Mac was a good signing for us, but he has trade value for the Buds. He can be moved for our goalie or 1C needs. He makes a $3.25 million that can be better served elsewhere.

Brown is horrible offensively. He has had significant injuries (missed 64 games in the last two years). i haven't seen him throw his weight around enough to say that he gives us superior toughness. I think our toughness roster spot should be saved for Orr or Rosehill.

Q: Who will replace these players?
A: D'amigo and Deschamps

Both of them are NHL ready. Both are smarter/cheaper options. Ages 21/22 with a lot of experience in Jr. and the AHL.

Deschamps has a terrific two way game, and more of a pass first type player. Just like Mac, but a much more defensively oriented player.

D'amigo is fast and brings more of an offensive upside to the leafs 4th line. i also think when the time is right he'll gain enough confidence in the NHL to play the wing on the 2nd line.

Lupul ____ Kessel
JVR Grabo Frattin/Kadri/Connolly
Deschamps McClement Kuli
D'amigo Steckel Orr/Rosehill

Gunn Dion
JML Holzer
Gardiner Komi


Head Coach: Randy Carlyle
Please.... explain that statement. What are you basing their abilities to be NHL regulars on? All of the NHL games they've played? Their success in the league?

....... Didn't think so.

Kadri is working his tail off this summer, and doing it with Gary Roberts, gaining core strength and explosiveness. Couple that with working with Barbara Underhill on his stride, and there's no bloody way you can assume he won't come into camp hungry.

Your obsession with Deschamps absolutely blinds you. If he EVER becomes a regular NHL'er, he's going to have to show a heck of a lot more than what he has.

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